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He is a great guitar teacher and relates well to the student.  He keeps you motivated and gives you the stuff you need to know.  He had me enjoying and playing music quickly!  ... more

Let me tell you - she is fantastic! (daughters piano teacher) I cannot believe how much our daughter has learned in 3 lessons!  ... more


My boys love coming each week to their practices.  They have learned a lot and I have been very excited to see how well they are doing.  We had a wonderful time at the recital.  The boys are very happy and we have a w ... more

He was super and personable (saxophone teacher).  Whenever my daughter had a tough piece of music, he was always there for her and preparing her for college - and she was accepted!  ... more

Our daughter loves her piano lesson and  practices every day.  Her teacher is encouraging and energetic which I believe helps her.  And my son has really clicked with his guitar teacher.  He is knowledgable.  ... more

After I had transferred from my old violin teacher to...(my new violin teacher) for just a few weeks, I was moved up 6 chairs in the violin section of my youth orchestra because of the help I had from him with my viol ... more

My daughter's teachers are patient and thorough in their teaching methods.  ... more

We are grateful for the comprehensive music lessons that our children have received from their teachers. We have confidence that they are being given top quality instruction from professionals, but more than that they impart their enthusiasm and joy in music. As teac ... more

We are very happy with the school and recommend the school to anyone!  My daughter loves her lessons and she has learned more at this school than anywhere else we've been to.  ... more

(from Westlake, Ohio) The piano lessons for my boys were wonderful!  They really enjoyed the lessons and learned a lot.  Their teacher and the school were very helpful.  Thank you so much!  ... more

My husband and I are very happy with our daughter's violin teacher.  She's doing a great job working with her at her age level.  She has learned quite a bit.   ... more

My son has enjoyed his lessons (guitar) with both of his teachers and has learned more at your school than any other place he's been to!  ... more

We are very happy with the school and our daughter's lessons.  She has improved a lot with the oboe.  ... more

Our daughter's teachers show great regard for our daughter's abilities and capably lead her to build and advance her own skill level. Their professional attitude and love for music are a wonderful model for her!  ... more

Learning to play the piano has long been a dream of mine.  After attending a piano recital featuring my teacher's students, I was so impressed with the skill of even her youngest students that I decided to take lessons myself.&nbs ... more

The guitar lessons for my son are wonderful!  And the teacher makes it fun!  ... more

We are very happy with our daughter's piano teacher! She is doing a wonderful job and is very patient with children. Our daughter is enjoying the lessons and having a lot of fun.  ... more

Our children were fortunate... They were not just taught how to play notes on a piano, but how to use music as a language to express themselves. We appreciate all the hard work and extra attention. . .  ... more

You're doing a wonderful job, don't stop!  It's such a blessing!  ... more

I don't know where you found him (his teacher), but he and my son are like a match made in heaven.  My son is so intrigued by his teacher.  And after the recital, he practices every day!  ... more

We are very happy!  The girls look forward to coming to lessons. ... more

My son's guitar teacher is awesome!  He is doing a wonderful job.  Thank you for the great job you're doing!  ... more

We want the school to know how pleased we are with the lessons and the teacher.  My son is having fun with his teacher and is learning an amazing amount of information at the same time.  The drum instructor is very good at presenting new ... more

He was just wonderful and I know will continue to be wonderful!  His passion for music was incredible and helped me as an older student to discover new things about music. ... more

The lessons are wonderfull!  I would recommend my piano teacher to anyone.  ... more

The piano lessons for the past 5 years have prepared well our daughter in theory and performance and in deepening her love for music.  Her teacher has been an incredible inspiration.  We still remember our first lesson and l ... more

My son's guitar teacher shows great understanding when my son has a problem.  The lessons have been wonderful! ... more

 My son is doing well!  I appreciate that his teachers have good patience with him.  It's going well!  ... more

Very happy with my lessons.  My guitar teacher is excellent! ... more

I am very pleased with my lessons through the Avon School of Music. My violin teacher is extremely knowledgeable, both in music and teaching proper instrument technique. Her thorough attention to detail has helped me progress steadily in both areas, and she is patient and fun in her instruction. ... more

My daughter really likes her flute teacher!  She's the best out of all the other teachers she's had, and am convinced that she received a scholarship for college because of what she learned at your school. ... more

I just wanted to let you know that my son really enjoys his (drum) lessons and spending time with his teacher.  He's an excellent teacher.  Another school we called didn't call us back, but I'm very happy you did! ... more


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If you're looking for music lessons in Avon, Westlake, Bay Village, North Ridgeville, Sheffield, Fairview Park, Rocky River and more, then you've come to the right place.  Each year, hundreds of families take lessons with our award-winning, endorsed teachers.  We offer lessons in piano, guitar, violin, voice, drums and all other popular instruments.  We also offer a variety of times so that you can schedule lessons for different children at the same time to save you hours of driving and waiting time.  

You've heard the adage "Location, Location, Location," when it comes to buying real estate.  In learning music, it is "Foundation, Foundation, Foundationtm ."  At our schools, we provide students of all ages and levels from beginners to advanced with the skills needed for a solid foundation so music can be enjoyed for a lifetime.  Not everyone takes this approach, but we insist upon it and make the experience of learning fun and enjoyable along the way.  When the foundation is neglected, cracks in the structure appear.  Because our teaching approach is from the most prestigious music schools in the world, students are not only learning properly but will enjoy the reward for years to come.

Our insistence on exceptional quality and fun in music lessons can be seen in the numerous response of our students and parents.  Our teachers do not take a one-size-fits-all approach and are very experienced in catering to the needs of new and advanced students.  Call today or visit us and see why more families trust us for music instruction more than any other school in Cleveland.   


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We find many of our students learn in 2 years what others have taken to learn in 4.  With the right skills and secrets of success taught by the faculty of our schools, students don't have to re-learn, or correct bad habits that always slow up progress.  Having the right foundation enables students to reach their goals in less time.  Learn more here.  Or read what our students/parents are saying here.  Call today for a consultation and/or assessment. 


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Avon School of Music provides outstanding music lessons for all popular instruments and voice serving the surrounding suburbs of Avon, Avon Lake, Westlake, Bay Village, North Ridgeville, Rocky River, Fairview Park, North Olmsted and Sheffield, Ohio.  Strongsville Academy of Music serves the south western communities of Cleveland, Ohio.  Choose the location nearest you.